ERIC OMONDI: Other girls react after not winning

Eric Omondi is a true entertainer. Even after his reality show ended, he is still making buzz. Other contestants from his show have reacted to his decision to wife Carol from Band Becca. Shakilla. The online drama queen shared a video on her Instagram congratulating Carol on winning the show. She then implied that she was carrying the comedian’s child. ‘Eric our dear husband. I might have lost you but we created a bond that none of us can deny. What you and I damn know well is that we cannot allow this princess of mine to be raised by the streets and for the streets.’ She said while holding her belly. Sharon. The coastal beauty posted a video of her and Eric on her instagram with an interesting caption. ‘Kenyans mume vote but mapenzi hisia kwan nani ni mjinga kumuacha mtu wake achukuliwe hell no, mume vote which is okay but the facts remains eric is mine. Siku zote amekuwa wangu so msinikoroge.’ She wrote.

In English translation: ‘Kenyans you have voted but this is love. Who is stupid to let her man be taken hell no. You vote which is okay but the facts remain. Eric is mine, he has always been mine so don't bewitch me.' Both Shakilla and Sharon seem to have a problem with Eric and not Carol. They congratulated her and directed their anger towards the comedian. For all we know, this could be another one of his stunts. Eric has mastered the art of showbiz: which he often uses to his advantage.

We haven't heard from the other women who were in the show. Do you think this is a publicity stunt or not? Share your thoughts.

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