Frankie Just Gym It: The Kenyan fitness trainer with the hottest baby mothers.

YouTube Frankie Kiarie, commonly known as Frankie Just Gym It, is a fitness coach and founder of Just Gym It, a fitness and nutrition consultancy.

It is no secret that the father of three has the sexiest and intelligent baby mothers. The mother of his first children Maureen Waititu, is a lawyer, YouTuber, and entrepreneur.

His second baby mother and current girlfriend Corazon Kwamboka: is a lawyer cum socialite. She also owns a sportswear brand called Genio sport.

The fitness instructor and Maureen Waititu first met at a social gathering. The two then pursued a relationship. They created a YouTube channel called Alpha Beta, where they documented their lives for all to see.

The two have two handsome boys, Alexander and Kai Kiarie. After six years of dating, Frankie and Maureen called off their engagement towards the end of 2019. In an interview with Switch TV, the fitness instructor said ‘they maturely separated.’

After his failed relationship with Maureen, Frankie quickly moved on to curvy Kenyan socialite Corazon Kwamboka. After a few months of dating, the two welcomed a beautiful baby boy. 

Maureen Waititu and Corazon Kwamboka are both sexy and intelligent women. Frankie Kiarie is blessed to have them as the mother of his children.

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