PHOTOCOPY: 9 Female Kenyan Celebrities whose children look exactly like them.

Female Kenyan celebrities often share photos of their children on their social media. I must say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. It is easy to see the striking resemblance they share. Here are the photos of nine female celebrities and their look-alike children.

1. Corazon Kwamboka and Baby Tayari. When Corazon first posted her son, Tayari Kiarie, fans couldn’t get over how similar he looked to his mother.

2. Jackie Matubia and her daughter Zari. Looking at these two, you would think they are the same person at different ages. 

3. Youtuber Yummy Mummy and her daughter Tana. Baby Tana is the spitting image of her mother. 

4. YouTuber Milly Wajesus and her son Taji Wajesus. Baby Taji actually looks like both his parents.

5. Betty Kyallo and her lovely daughter Ivanna.

6. Wahu Kagwi and her daughter Tumiso Mathenge.

7. Judy Nyawira Mutua and her daughter Steph. Don't these two look like sisters?

8. Nana Owiti and her daughter Gweth.

9. Akothee and her youngest daughter Makadia. These two look like twin sisters.

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