Two armed and dangerous criminals, Masood Kimani and Dan, were gunned down in Kayole along Pine road yesterday afternoon by DCI detectives.

Detectives have been on a hunt for Kimani after snatching a firearm from a Police Officer on duty. The officer and his two colleagues were at Bee Center handling an unruly crowd when the suspect on a motorbike snatched the firearm.

When Masood Kimani and his accomplice got cornered, the Detectives asked them to surrender, but they declined. Instead, they opened fire and, the officers fired back. Kimani died on the spot. His accomplice tried to escape, but the detectives caught up with a hit at Dandora bridge. He sustained fatal injuries after refusing to surrender.

The stolen firearm, a Ceska Pistol, loaded with 12 rounds of 9mm caliber, was recovered from Masood and a Jericho Pistol from his accomplice. In their official statement, DCI thanked the public who volunteered the information that helped the detectives in identifying the suspects. They concluded their statement with a strong warning to criminals who often snatch firearms from officers.

Here is the statement from the DCI official Twitter account. What do you think about the crime rate this season? Share your thoughts. Remember to follow this blog for the latest entertainment and celebrity news.


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