Wahu and Nameless celebrate their 23rd anniversary with a throwback photo

Today, Kenyan singer Wahu Kagwi took to her Instagram to celebrate her 23rd anniversary with her husband David Mathenge, popularly known as Nameless. According to the singer, 26th December marked their 23rd anniversary however they were too busy and forgot about it. In honor of their special day, the singer posted their throwback photo with an interesting caption. ‘Imagine it’s been 23 years since we started dating. Our anniversary is on the 23rd of Dec but this year we both sahaud it. It hit us jana that the day just came and went like that. Happy 23rd anniversary ma bebe! I’m looking forward to sharing a stage with you on the 31st of Dec.’ she wrote. Wahu and Nameless are a power couple in the Kenyan music industry. Besides entertaining fans with music, their family is one of the most adored in the country. Remember to follow this blog for the latest entertainment and celebrity news. Stay safe and happy holidays.