Who is Bridget Bema. The story of the young girl trending in Uganda. Kenya and Nigeria

Yesterday, tweeps in Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda were left in stitches after Bridget Bema, a Kenyan girl went viral in a video. In the video, school students are standing in front of a teacher holding a stick and paper. The teacher then addresses the students and tells them that he has names of indiscipline students who are to be punished.

He says: ‘Now, there are students here who are not disciplined and I am going to call you. I have the list here and I am going to call you out for your punishment.’

The teacher reads the list: ‘If you know you are not in the right school uniform, come in front and kneel down here.’ Bridget Bema, a young student dressed contrary to the rest of the students walks to the front and kneels down.

Then the teacher reads five more categories of children to be punished. As he reads, different students walk up to the front and kneel but Bridget Bema continues to shift from one category to another.

At the end, Bridget Bema had been to all categories. These were the categories: those who did not sweep, mother tongue speakers, latecomers, noisemakers, bullies and lastly students who don’t obey teachers.

Bridget Bema impressed tweeps with her rebellious nature and boss like walking style as she shifted from category to category. See the images below for their reactions.

What kind of child were you at school or rather in your class?