15 Red flags to watch out for in a relationship in 2021.

If this happens to you, just relax and stay calm. After this, you can also
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Let’s say you’ve been on the dating scene for some time. Trying to look for a perfect cuddle buddy but you don’t want to waste time kissing multiple frogs .

You look up to the sky and ask God for a sign. You turn to google and search ‘Red flags in a relationship’ and my post turns up. I want you to know that you are in safe hands. 

I’m here to give a few tips on how to identify if the person in front of you is a recipe for ‘Premium tears’

Here we go.

  1. A disrespectful man. Treats you like a princess but shouts at service providers. You are dealing with a pretender. Run! Overly insecure and controlling. There is a group of narcissistic men who have the habit of setting rules in the talking stages. They dictate where you go, who you speak to, how you dress, a person like this is manipulating you Walk away!
  2. Having a female best friend. There’s always something more. I don’t know to emphasize this but it’s always more than friendship! Unless you are okay with someone else in your business, this is unacceptable .
  3. Addicted to alcohol and drugs or any other substance. People with an addiction to alcohol or any form of drugs need to first get sober then think of a relationship. Build your temple before you let someone else in.
  4. He is secretive about where he resides. Always coming over to yours, you’ve never been to his place.
  5. Lives alone but has female clothing and necessities. One might ask: What are you even doing at his house? Shouldn’t you be out in the park getting to know each other or something?

While in the talking stages, you need to find out where he lives. His house will tell you a lot more about him.

  1. Waiting for the other to make the first move. This goes for both sexes. If you are dating someone who waits for you to initiate the communication, you are dating yourself .
  2. No actual dates just Netflix and chill, clubbing, and sex. Even homebodies love a little adventure at some point. 
  3. Borrowing money. This goes for both genders; you cannot ask for money in the talking stages. If you are the one being asked for money, be wise, say no.
  4. Still hanging on to their ex-partner. Leave him alone, this man needs time to move on. Next caller!
  5. Asks you to pay on the first date. If a man asks you out on a date, he has to settle the bill. However, you also need to carry your own money in case the date goes south. If you find pleasure in tasting meals you can’t afford, you might end up washing the dishes.
  6. Answering calls from a distance. Unless he’s planning a surprise, there is no excuse for this.
  7. A flirtatious man. This type of man loves attention. Stay away! Stay away!
  8. Talks smack about his ex-partner. Always remember ‘if they tell you about others, they will tell others about you.’ In 2021, you need to stay away from such energies
  9. His phone is always on airplane mode when he is with you. Don’t try to investigate, just take the L and walk on.

So ladies, do you see any of these signs in that man you are getting to know? If yes, keep walking .

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