2021: Misconceptions about bloggers. Truth about blogging.

The truth about bloggers/ blogging

People have several misconceptions about bloggers who write entertainment and celebrity news. If you are reading this post, that means that you are interested in finding out what these truths and misconceptions are. So I will not waste your time.

Here we go.

Most people call us keyboard warriors. Yes, we are. You should see the way I type when I land on a hot lead. I cling to my keyboard as my life depends on it because it does.

See, when you release fresh news about a celebrity, everyone will want to click. You get a high number of views, which equates to higher earning.

We hate celebrities. It is false. Without them, we would not be making money online and going on vacations. Celebrities feed us. Whenever we write about them, fans flock to our sites. More traffic means more earnings!

We are unethical. The truth is, bloggers, give people news that traditional media censors. If one article gets many views, you copy its aspects and incorporate them in the next article. It is a way of marketing, you know.

We are obsessed with celebrities. That is not true. As an entertainment blogger, I disagree with that assumption. We don’t enjoy stalking celebrities and writing about the nitty-gritty of their lives. Sometimes we fixate on a celebrity simply because they give insane clicks and views. Trust me! it is all about the money.

We are broke/ we don’t have money. Before payout, maybe some don’t have money, but I highly doubt that. To have a successful blog, you need to ensure that you have a functioning laptop, fast Wi-Fi, editing tools, and so on. The list is endless. How does a broke person afford all of that?

See, writing about celebrities and making money from your bedroom is not personal. It’s purely business. Welcome to the digital takeover