Kenyan Socialite Amber Ray shares how she pampers how her boyfriend Jamal

Kenyan Socialite Amber Ray is one of the most entertaining celebrities on social media. The cheeky socialite is deeply in love with her new boyfriend, businessman Jamal Marlow, and she does not attempt to hide it. Yesterday, she revealed to her Instagram fans that her toxic feminism stops online. At home, she treats her man differently. She also warned her female fans that they should imitate her toxicity at their own risk. ‘I don’t know who needs to hear this but some of us are toxic feminist hapa online only. Kwa ground vitu ni different, we cook for our men, kneel for them, bath them and even give them money. So subscribe to our toxicity at your own risk. Dry spell itakua peke yako.’ She wrote. Amber and Jamal are currently one of the hottest celebrity couples in town. We do not know when they started dating, but they are already serving couple goals.

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