Maureen Waititu and her sons

For most women, it can be hard to balance family and work obligations. However, Kenyan YouTuber Maureen Waititu makes motherhood look so easy. She has a beautiful relationship with her two adorable sons Alexander and Kai Kiarie, whom she shares with her ex-partner Frankie Just Gym It. Even with a busy schedule, Maureen always finds time to bond with her handsome sons and, she often shares these adorable moments on her social media.

Today, the curvy beauty shared a series of lovely photos from their family trip to Naivasha. Maureen Waititu is a commercial model and lawyer who came into the limelight through a family YouTube channel with her ex-fiancé and baby father fitness coach Frankie. Despite being a lawyer by profession, Maureen does not practice it. Last year, Maureen disclosed that her sons saved her life after contemplating suicide twice. We are happy to see that the gorgeous mother of two is out here living her best life with her babies. Remember to follow this blog for daily and consistent entertainment and celebrity news. Always remember to wear a mask when in a public.