New Anchor Lillian Muli answers personal questions about her life.

There is this Instagram game that all celebrities are taking part in this week. In the game, they invite their fans to ask them any question. Today, Kenyan News Anchor Lillian Muli joined in the game. She invited her fans to ask her questions, and they came through. Most fans asked her private questions, and to their surprise, she candidly answered them. Here are ten personal questions that she answered.

1. Are you dating.

Lillian Muli: no.

2. Are you married?

Lillian Muli: Lol. No dear seems I'm not cut out for that.

3. How tall are you?

Lillian Muli: 5'6

4. Are you a loner? You seem not to have as many girlfriends as you used to a few years ago.

Lillian Muli: I have always had more male pals. Not a loner no and also my girlfriends are very few.

5. What's your favorite meal? What's your dream destination? How are your boys doing?

Lillian Muli: I am into Indian cuisine. I want to go to Hawaii, my boys are awesome.

6. Biggest regret?

Lillian Muli: Falling in love with a serial cheater.

7. What's your biggest fear?

Lillian Muli: Failing

8. Still dating Ombongi?

Lillian Muli: Father of my baby

9. You are rich?

Lillian Muli: I wish

10. How many nannies and housekeepers do you have?

Lillian Muli: TwoRemember to follow this blog for daily and consistent entertainment and celebrity news. Happy New Year! Stay safe.