Zari Hassan's son clears the air on his sexuality.

Only God knows when the online drama between Zari Hassan and Tanzanians will come to an end. After the whole back and forth Zari has had with Tanzanians online, her son Raphael has come out to clarify his sexuality. In a new live video with fans, the teen explained why he made the confession. Raphael said that the video was blown out of proportion, as he was helping out a friend who was afraid to come out to his parents.   ‘A few days ago I went live. I was reading my dm and someone told me that they are scared to go tell their parents that they are gay.

So I said I’m gonna help you don’t worry. I’m gonna go live and say I’m gay just to show you that this is not as bad as it seems. Take from what I say and put it into your own words.

That’s what I did, I was helping someone who was afraid to tell their parents that they are gay. I’m not gay first of all let me make that clear. But I wanted to help this person you know. Show them that it is easy to just open up, it’s not that hard to open up but I’m not gay. I said everything word by word to help this person.

I am trying to help you guys you know, respect yourselves because you be sending me booty. I don’t want booty. Leave me alone though.’ He added. For those who thought Zari was in denial about her son’s sexuality, there you have it. Follow this blog for daily and consistent entertainment and celebrity news. Happy New Year! Stay safe. As you go about your daily activities, remember to wear a mask.