Beautiful Photos from Actress Elizabeth Michael and Francis Ciza's glamorous wedding ceremony.

When you are getting married to a wealthy man, the possibilities are endless. On Tuesday, Tanzanian actress Elizabeth Michael officially tied the knot with her fiancé Francis Ciza, commonly known as, Majizzo.

The glamorous ceremony took place in Mbezi, Dar-es-Salam with close family and friends in attendance. The photos from their ceremony clearly show that they put in both money and work to have nothing but the best.

Majizzo is a wealthy media mogul who owns of E-FM company Limited and TVE. He is also a family man with four children, three sons from a previous marriage, and a daughter with Fashionista Hamisa Mobetto. Elizabeth Michael, on the other hand, is an award-winning actress. She has made a notable contribution to the Tanzanian film industry.

Elizabeth is not only known for acting. She also has a humanitarian program that helps those with special needs.Elizabeth and Majizzo's love story is one for the books. In 2017, Michael Elizabeth got convicted for involuntary manslaughter or allegedly causing the death of famous actor Steven Kanumba.

Majizzo stood by her through all this. He then proposed to her in 2018, the same year that she got released from prison. We wish the couple all the best in their new journey.

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