'Kindly try Jesus Christ' Amber Ray tells women messaging her boyfriend.

Socialite Faith Makau, commonly known as Amber Ray on social media, is one of the most playful celebrities online. The Fashion Consultant often shares gorgeous photos of herself accompanied by the cheekiest captions.

Today, she posted a photo of herself in a hijab, and as always, she added a sassy message directed at women who message her boyfriend. Amber asked them not to direct message her boyfriend with their troubles. She advised them to try Jesus instead.

‘My sisters please don’t try to DM and bestieing my man. I know you need someone to tell your troubles. Kindly try Jesus Christ. He listens.’ She wrote.

Amber is currently in a relationship with Jamal Marlow, a wealthy businessman, who she loves to show off once in a while. The two made their relationship official early this year. Since then, they have become one of the most followed celebrity couples online. Happy Month of love! Remember to follow this blog for daily and consistent entertainment and celebrity news in the region.