'Later they will say i got lypo' Curvy Kenyan Socialite speaks out

Socialite Corazon Kwamboka is one of the sexiest celebrities on social media.

Today, while showing off her gym work-out routine, she threw a playful dig at trolls who often negatively criticize her body. She shared several videos of her work out session at the gym. In one of the snaps, she added the caption: 'Later you'll hear them saying oh she got lypo.'In August last year, Corazon Kwamboka and her boyfriend Frankie welcomed a handsome son Tayari Kiarie. Ever since his birth, the mother-of-one has been working hard to shed off the extra weight. At the beginning of the year, Corazon revealed on her Instagram that she hopes to weigh 85kgs by April this year.

When I started working out last month I was 93kgs, one month after I’ve lost just 1kg. 92 kilos now, my goal is 85kgs by April 2021. Is it even achievable?’ She wrote.

Judging from a recent photo she posted online, it is evident that her gym sessions are paying off. She is likely to achieve her goal sooner than she expected. To get the latest entertainment and celebrity news in the region, remember to follow this blog. Happy month of love!