Photos: How Socialite Amber Ray and her wealthy boyfriend Jamal celebrated Valentine’s Day.

On Valentine’s Day, various celebrity couples went out of their way to pamper and treat their significant others. Our newest couple in town, Socialite Amber Ray, and her wealthy boyfriend Jamal Marlow were no exception. The businessman treated his queen to a lavish rooftop dinner. As they dined, a saxophonist entertained them with a performance. He shared a photo of her from the dinner to his Instagram with the caption: ‘A passionate woman is worth the chaos.’ Indeed, she is, the day before, he sent her two bouquets of roses. Amber shared photos of herself posing with the flowers on Instagram. She told her fans that when her man loves her right, she will post. She also joked that she was tired of buying herself flowers. ‘Mimi sitaki kujua, akinipenda vizuri lazima ni post. Aki nilikua nimechoka kujibaia maua. Aki si mungu abariki huyu msomali wangu.’ She wrote. Ever since Amber and Jamal made their relationship public, the pair has become a favorite celebrity couple to follow. Happy month of love dear reader! Show us, love, by following this blog for daily and consistent entertainment and celebrity news in the region