Singer Harmonize and his sexy girlfriend get matching tattoos.

This February, your favorites are suffocating us with love, and we can’t blame them. After all, it is the month of love. The newest hottest couple in town, Harmonize and his new girlfriend Frida Kajala, are madly in love, and they are not shy about it. The Tanzanian singer and his girlfriend decided to seal their love by tattooing each other’s initials on their necks. Kajala tattooed ‘H’ while Harmonize put a K, and they were flaunting it online for everyone to see. Harmonize recently made their relationship public through social media a month after a bitter breakup with his Italian girlfriend. In the post, he shared several photos of him and Kajala hand in hand with a message declaring his loyalty to her. ‘Welcome to the United States of Kondegang, Kondebeden & Frida Kajala. Loyalty, I promise to be there for you’ He wrote.

The gorgeous Frida Kajala is a successful woman in the Tanzanian entertainment scene as well. She is an actress and an entrepreneur.

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