Socialite Corazon Kwamboka Celebrates Her Weight Loss with a stunning photo.

Mama Tai, Corazon Kwamboka, is currently the happiest mother in town. The gorgeous Lawyer cum Socialite has dropped some weight, and she is so excited .

Corazon took to her Instagram to announce her new achievement, and fans are excited for her. She revealed that she lost five kilograms with the help of a fit formula book by her boyfriend In the post, the gorgeous beauty shared a stunning photo of her toned body in a two-piece gym set from her sports brand ‘5Kgs down! 8Kgs to go. Thanks to @Frankie Just It Fit formula book!’  She wrote.

Corazon Kwamboka and her boyfriend Fitness coach Frankie welcomed their adorable son Tayari Kiarie in August last year . Ever since his birth, the gorgeous mother-of-one has been working hard to shed off the extra weight. At the beginning of this year, Corazon revealed that she hopes to weigh 85kgs by April .

When I started working out last month I was 93kgs, one month after I’ve lost just 1kg. 92 kilos now, my goal is 85kgs by April 2021. Is it even achievable? ’ She said.

It seems like her gym sessions with Frankie have paid off. Judging by her recent photo, it looks like she will achieve her weight loss goal sooner than she thought. Happy month of love! Show us, love, by following this blog for daily and consistent entertainment and celebrity news in the region. 


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