Tanasha Donna Threatens To Sue Dana De Grazia for defamation. Here is Dana's response.

The drama between Tanasha and Miss De Grazia has escalated faster than we all expected. Miss Donna has threatened to take legal action against the former TV Host for defaming her and spreading false information about her. This threat comes days after De Grazia called out Tanasha for allegedly owing her friend for the services she provided.  According to De Grazia, her friend got hired as a make-up artist for the Kalypso video shoot. However, two months later, Tanasha and her team failed to pay up despite reaching out to them continuously. De Grazia also shared screenshots showing the communication that her friend had with Tanasha Donna and her team.

Here are the screenshots.In response to the accusations, Tanasha debunked the allegations. She privately messaged De Grazia and explained that she was clueless about the pending payments since she does not handle her finances directly.

Tanasha also asked De Grazia to take down her accusatory posts. She then warned that she would sue her for defamation of character if she did not adhere to the request.

'The money was long sorted so you have until midday to take down your post or I will sue you for defamation of character and spreading false information on top of the truth and I have evidence to back it up.' Tanasha wrote in a part of her statement.

De Grazia responded to this threat by sending her lawyer’s contact. She told Tanasha to deal with her lawyer and refrain from directly contacting her. Let us know what you think about Tanasha and De Grazia’s drama in the comment section below. Happy month of love! Show us, love, by following this blog for daily and consistent entertainment and celebrity news in the region.