Valentines 2021: Beautiful messages from your favorite celebrities to their spouses.

Wahu Kagwi to Nameless Message: 'Happy Valentine’s Day from me and my day 1, my personal person, the only bean in my githeri, the only hair in my armpit, head of our home. May we all learn to identify true love, may we value it and may we keep it.'

Diana Marua to Bahati Message: 'To the one who makes my heart smile. Happy Valentine’s Day my love.'

Mulamwah to Carol Sonnie Message: 'Happy Valentines sweetie, am happy we rekindled this, I don’t have much to offer but kwa sperm count niko na millions, will spend that on you @ Carol Sonnie.'Guardian Angel Message: 'Happy Valentine’s'

Zari Hassan Message: 'Happy Valentine’s Day my 8.6 lovers.'

The Dafunda family Message: 'Meet the Dafunda’s twins. Happy Valentine’s Day from my family to yours.'

Julie to her husband Message: '22 years of love. It’s not about a day of romance or material things. It is about friendship and respect. Laughing together, praying together. Understanding each other, well. Supporting and encouraging each other. Comforting and strengthening each other. Respecting each other.'

Muthoni to her boyfriend Message: 'Home is where the heart is. Happy Valentines.'

King Kaka to Nana Owiti Message: '@ Nana Owiti and I very many years ago. Pamoja and dreaming about happiness and a family. Thank you for making me a better person and for the love. To happiness. Everyday is Valentines wachana na hizi chocha za leo.'

Milly Chebby to Terence Message: 'Doing life with you is beautiful @Terence Creative Happy Valentines from us to you all.'

Anita Nderu to her boyfriend Message: 'To the most incredible heart, Nakupenda sana.'

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