'Cannot leave a Ferrari' Harmonize’s Ex-Wife Shades His Gift To His New Girlfriend.

Recently, Tanzanian Singer Harmonize is trending for all reasons. It has been two months since Harmonize and his Italian ex-wife split. However, the drama around them is endless. While Harmonize has moved on with Bongo actress Frida Kajala, Sarah is still healing from the break-up. Ever since Harmonize and Frida made their relationship official, Sarah has directed several subtle messages at them on her Instagram. This afternoon, she shared a sexy photo of herself posing next to a white Ferrari with a declaration that she would never leave a Ferrari for a crown.

'Cannot leave a Ferrari to go around with crown. My good morning.' She wrote Anyone who follows Harmonize and his new girlfriend Kajala knows that Sarah is throwing shade at them. Last week, Harmonize surprised Kajala with a brand new Toyota crown while she was at the gym. Could Sarah be directing her new message to the couple? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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