Drama As Eric Omondi and his Wife Material Contestants are kicked out of a local Club for fighting.

Eric Omondi is currently one of the most talked-about comedians in the entertainment scene.

Recently, he launched the second season of his YouTube reality show Wife Material. At the launch, Eric promised fans that this particular production would be dramatic, and he kept to his word.  Last night, what started as a meet and greet, turned into a wrestling match after contestants from the show began fighting at a club. In a video shared on the comedian's social media, the commotion started after an enraged Sumaiyah pounced on Kyler and attacked her. Following the disturbance, Eric Omondi and his women were kicked out of the club by security. We hope all the people involved are safe and well. What do you have to say about this drama? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Follow this blog for daily and consistent entertainment and Celebrity news in the region.