Fans React as YouTuber Diana Marua Shares This Photo of Her Daughter in Hospital

This week, YouTuber Diana Marua was not active on social media as she usually is. For the past couple of days, Diana has been at the hospital tending to her sick daughter, who she shares with singer Bahati. However, yesterday, Diana broke her silence on Instagram with a photo of her sister carrying her sick daughter Heaven, who had an oxygen mask held to her nose. She accompanied the photo with an appreciation post to everyone who stood by her. She thanked them for the support and also directed them to her YouTube channel for the full story of her daughter’s admission to the hospital. 

‘To all my friends, fans and family, I cannot thank you enough for your kind work and prayers. It’s been a while fam, let’s meet at 3pm on my YouTube channel as I share with you on our baby’s admission at Gertrude hospital.’ She wrote.

The post elicited mixed reactions from her fans. While many filled her comment section with words of encouragement and comfort, others questioned whether the YouTube video was necessary. Remember to follow this blog for daily and consistent updates on entertainment and celebrity news.