'Guess What? Life Has To Move On' Socialite Vera Sidika Responds To Critics.

Today, Socialite Vera Sidika shared a photo of herself; however, some Tanzanian fans in the comment section blasted her for sharing such an image while they are mourning the death of their president, John Pombe Magufuli.  Vera did not ignore these attacks. She responded through a series of posts on her Instagram. Vera stated that mourning is personal, and one can do it in silence. She added that everyone dies; therefore, life has to go on. ‘So cause the president passed away I should not post a picture? Surely I posted RIP on my IG Stores last night and guess what? Life has to move on. In fact, nobody has to post anything to show they are mourning, you can mourn in silence and can also choose not to.’

Vera also asked those who don’t like her pictures to either ignore or unfollow her as she will continue doing as she pleases. 

‘Should we put our lives on standstill because Magufuli is dead? If I planned to post, eat, dance, party. I’ll still do that. Life goes on. Everyone will die someday. So y’all commenting stop post ass Magufuli is dead we are mourning’ If you don’t like my pics ignore or just unfollow.’ She wrote. Let us know what you think about Vera Sidika’s reaction in the comment section below. Remember to follow this blog for the latest entertainment and celebrity news in the region.