'I don’t like toxic relationships' TV Host Joyce Maina Speaks Out On Her Relationship with Tony.

Switch TV Host Joyce Maina has finally spoken out about her relationship with her ex-fiancé Tony Kwalanda. While hosting Chatspot, Joyce disclosed that she and Tony had a healthy relationship, unlike her previous one. She also revealed that the man she dated before Tony was unpredictable, and their relationship was toxic and exhausting. ‘I don’t like toxic relationships. The breaking up and getting back together was so exhausting. That’s why I think being with Tony was such a relief because the relationship before that I was like why are we breaking up today, why have I been blocked. I hated that so being in a much healthier relationship was like this is nice.’ She said. Weeks back, Joyce confirmed through her Instagram that she had parted ways with Tony six months after their engagement. Ever since then, this is the first time she is openly talking about her relationship with him.  Follow the East African Buzz for updates on the latest entertainment and celebrity news in the region.