‘I don’t take it for granted’ Youtuber Milly Wajesus Reacts to Her Husband’s Car Gift Prank.

Milly and Kabi Wajesus are some of the most followed YouTubers in the entertainment scene. The couple is not only famous for their lifestyle vlogs but also their hilarious pranks online. Recently Kabi Wajesus surprised his wife Milly with a brand new BMW, but it turned out to be a prank. He later surprised her with tickets to Turkey to shop for her upcoming business. Milly responded to his prank through her Instagram with a post in which she jokingly promised to revenge. Milly also thanked her husband for always supporting and empowering her. Lastly, she reminded him that she does not take his efforts for granted. She shared a photo of them kissing next to the vehicle with the caption: ‘Look at how happy I was. Yani Kabi Wajesus uliona unifanye tu hivyo. Team Milly we are coming for you. That said I really appreciate you for supporting me and empowering me to pursue my dreams. I don’t take it for granted. Excited about our new adventure. Let’s get ready for Turkey.’ Follow this blog for daily and consistent entertainment and Celebrity news in the region.