Kenyan Rapper King Kaka causes a stir online after saying this about graduates.

Today, Kenyan Rapper Kennedy Ombima, commonly known by his stage name King Kaka, caused a heated debate on social media with a controversial post he shared. In the post, the celebrated musician claimed that dropouts are more successful than graduates.

This comment received a mixed reaction from fans all over. Many of them took to the comment section to drop their two cents. While others called out the singer, others were in agreement with what he said.Here are some of the reactions.

‘Before you listen to King Kaka, remember that in the world’s top ten richest list, only 2 don’t have a degree and those 2 dropped out of Harvard.’

‘I wonder why a young man like him feel ok glorifying illiteracy. No wonder teenagers are accusing him of stealing their lyrics.’

‘You can’t accept but that’s the sad truth, just be street smart not book smart.’Dear readers, let us know what you think about King Kaka’s post. Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Follow this blog for the latest celebrity and entertainment news in the region.