'Make sure he marries you' A fan Tells Socialite Amber Ray. She Responds.

Controversial socialite Faith Makau, known as Amber Ray on social media, is one of the celebrities who often interact with fans online. The gorgeous beauty is not the type to let a negative comment or a troll go past her. Recently she dealt with a fan who left a negative comment under her post on Instagram. After Amber posted a video of herself wearing a long blue dress and a hijab, one of the trolls in her comment section told her that she will still get dumped even though she wears Muslim attire. The troll also added that Amber should ensure that her current boyfriend Jamal eventually marries her. When Amber came across the comment, she did not ignore it. She responded by asking the troll whether marriage is an accomplishment.  Amber was once married to Politician and businessman Zaheer Jhanda. However, in 2018, the socialite publicly announced separation their separation on social media and denounced any association with him.

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