'Mrudishee vanilla' Zari Hassan and her daughter share photos in matching outfits. Fans react.

Zari Hassan and her only daughter Princess Tiffah, who she shares with Tanzanian Superstar Diamond Platnumz, are the cutest mother-daughter duo online.When Zari is not at work and Tiffah at school, the two often spend time taking photos and recording cheesy videos for their fans. 

Today, Zari and Tiffah shared gorgeous photos of themselves wearing coordinating outfits and matching boots on Instagram. In the photos shared by Zari and Tiffah, one of their Maltese dogs made an appearance. Since Wema's lost dog Vanilla Manunu is also Maltese, fans in the comment section jokingly asked them to return the dog to Wema.  Here are some of their comments.

'Tiffah Mbona kama kwenye kioo cha gari namuona Vanillanunu’

‘Yule co Vanilla wa madam Wema’

‘Tiffah mrudishee vanilla wetu tuchukue mil 2 kwa mama ako wa zamani.’

‘Kama vile naona million mbili chini ya gari Karibu na tairi.’ However, other fans showered them words of praise. Let us know what you think about the beautiful relationship Zari has with her daughter? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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