Online beef brewing? YouTuber Yummy Mummy Calls Out Huddah Monroe For Fat-shaming. Huddah Responds To Her.

As they say: what goes around comes around. Last night, Kenyan Influencer Joan Munyi, commonly known as Yummy Mummy on Youtube, called out Socialite Huddah Monroe for her past distasteful comments. The gorgeous YouTuber shared a PR package from Huddah Cosmetics, accompanied by the reason why she loves and hates the brand.  

Yummy Mummy revealed that she loves the make-up brand because the products are of quality and affordable. However, she hates it as well because Huddah openly fat-shames. 

 'PR package from a brand I love and hate at the same time. Love cause the products are amazing- one of the best affordable local make-up available. Hate cause Huddah openly fat shames and said she doesn't care if fat people never use her products. In her words, we should all just go to the gym and lose some weight.' Yummy Mummy wrote.

Huddah somehow got wind of the post. In her response, the controversial socialite thanked the YouTuber for receiving her package and commended her for the positive reviews she always gives. She then apologized to her and every other person she hurt with her comments. 

Huddah wrote: 'Darling first of all I want to say thanks for accepting our PR gift pack and for the positive reviews you always give our products. Second I am truly sorry for asking inconsiderate questions on boy types several years ago and I apologize to anyone I have hurt.'

She ended her apology with the statement: ' I used that experience to grow, helping others to understand how some statements are completely unacceptable.' What do you think about Huddah's response to Yummy Mummy? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Happy New Month!

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