‘The last 4 nights were one of the hardest for us' Singer Bahati Shares This About His Daughter.

Last night, Bahati revealed the past few nights have been tough on him and his girlfriend, YouTuber Diana Marua. The singer explained that it has been hard for the family ever since their daughter got admitted to the hospital. He also shared a video of a distraught Diana cradling their daughter, who was wearing an oxygen mask. In the caption, he praised Diana for being a strong woman and the best mother.  ‘The last 4 nights were one of the hardest for us as parents. Our daughter heaven Bahati getting admitted at the Gertrude Children’s Hospital. I know this strong lady here Diana doesn’t know I got this video from her phone but babe just writing to let you know that you are the best mother that kids could ever have, I know this was extreme for you but we thank Jesus for the Grace.’ He wrote. We wish Heaven a quick recovery. May the little princess be back on her feet again. Remember to follow this blog for daily and consistent entertainment and Celebrity news in the region.