TV Host Nana Owiti Is Surprised by Her Husband Rapper King Kaka, and her Sister On Live TV.

Switch TV Host Nana Owiti recently celebrated her birthday, and today, fans got a glimpse of how she spent it. In a video shared by Switch TV, Nana received a pleasant surprise from her co-hosts, her husband, and her sister on her big day. While hosting Chatspot, Kush Tracey and Joyce Maina surprised Nana with a pre-recorded birthday message from her husband, King Kaka. As she watched the video, she could not hide her emotions; she was smiling and blushing uncontrollably.  This is what the Kenyan rapper said to his wife: ‘Today is a very big day for me Sababu ni birthday ni ya my rib, Nana. Nilikuwa nimeandika a whole statement sijui You are my universe, sijui nini Lakini cheki.'

‘Nana kuna vile unichanganya  and when I say kuchanganya wee najua. You are lovely. Uko na roho nzuri . You love your kids ambae ni wangu. Thank you for loving me and loving our family and for being just a loving person. 

‘Happy birthday I’m so proud of you and all the achievements you’ve made. The world is not ready; the world is not ready. Anyway I love you to infinity.’ After watching the video, Nana’s sister joined the ladies on set with two bouquets and cake for her. All this transpired during the talk show. We deliver daily and consistent entertainment and celebrity news. Follow this blog to get all the latest updates.