TV Host Nana Owiti Shares a Photo of Her Great-Grandmother.

TV Host Nana Owiti usually relates with her fans by sharing activities and moments from her daily life on social media.  

Once in a while, she gives fans a glimpse of her private and family life as well. Recently, Nana introduced one of her close family members to fans through a post on Instagram. She shared a photo of herself and her great-grandmother accompanied by an introductory message as the caption.

In the message, Nana introduced her great-grandmother to her online family as Wavinya. She also gave a brief backstory of what transpired on that day. ‘She tossed some tobacco in her mouth and watched me as I cringed the started telling me stories of her youth. She’s forgotten quite a lot but a day at a time. One day she calls me mwana Nduku, the next mwiitu wa Wanza. Meet my great-grandma Wavinya. She’s my mom’s grandma. We are truly blessed.’ She wrote. As we head to the end of the month, show us love by following this blog. We give the latest entertainment and celebrity news in the region.