YouTuber Diana Marua Caught Up In A Land Scandal With LimaVest Owners. Details.

YouTuber Diana Marua, the wife of gospel singer Bahati, is wrapped up in a land scandal with LimaVest, a company that deals in selling land. This evening, Diana accused the owners of dishonesty and stealing from clients. According to Diana, the owners first approached her to be their Brand Ambassador last year, and she accepted. She took on the role and advertised the company to her fans through her Instagram and YouTube prompting many of her fans to buy land. Diana then added that she received a call from a distressed buyer identified as Jennifer from the United States. Jennifer paid over Ks.700,000 for three acres of land, but after six months, she had not received her title deeds or documentation to prove ownership. When she asked for a refund, there was back and forth, and the owners rudely asked her to go to court.

Diana also revealed that she distanced herself from the company a few months back, but she did not know how to break the news to her fans. She also apologized to her fans and promised to ensure that the victims of the scam receive compensation. What do you think about this scandal? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Remember to follow this blog to get the latest entertainment and celebrity news.