‘Best dates ever’ YouTuber Maureen Waititu Spends Time with Her Sons.

Parents who are often busy during the week: tend to spend the weekends with their family and close relatives. YouTuber Maureen Waititu is one of those who live by this rule. According to the gorgeous mom of two, Saturdays are for family bonding. Yesterday, Maureen shared with her fans how she spent Saturday through a post on her Instagram. She shared a photo of herself spending time with her sons Lexy and Kai and a family friend called Mickey.

In the caption, Maureen described the chaos that took place after the photoshoot. She revealed that one of the kids slept off while the other two played around.‘Saturdays are for family bonding. In exactly fifteen minutes, two of my dates were chasing each other around the house and one blacked out on the floor. Best dates ever.’ She wroteHow did you spend your Saturday? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.Follow the East African Buzz; for the latest entertainment and celebrity news in the region.