Comedian Mulamwah’s Girlfriend Pregnant Again a Year After Suffering a Miscarriage.

YouTube comedian Mulamwah and his girlfriend Carol Sonnie are expecting their first child. The young celebrity couple revealed to their fans on social media that Sonnie is in her second trimester. They both shared a video of them at an ultrasound session on their respective Instagram accounts. 'We thank God for blessings, May he see us through to the end as we open a new chapter in life.'  Mulamwah wrote.

In her message, Carol disclosed that their journey has not been easy and that it's a miracle that they have made it this far. 

'It has been a journey full of fear and a lot of ups and downs but I thank God for this far. Kufika tu hapa it's a miracle tu. We are at 17/42 weeks. may he see us through to the end' She wrote.  This news comes a year after Sonnie suffered a miscarriage from her first pregnancy. We congratulate both Mulamwah and Sonnie on their new journey.  Follow the East African Buzz for updates on the latest entertainment and celebrity news in the region.