DCI Arrest a Woman for Defrauding a Foreigner of 300 Million in a Fake Gold Deal.

Yesterday, DCI detectives arrested Pauline Adhiambo Odok for defrauding Mr. Southorn Chanthavong, a director of Simong Group Company based in Lao, of three hundred million in a fake gold scam.‘Detectives have today arrested a wanted suspect, who defrauded a foreigner off sh.300 million in a fake gold scam. Pauline Odhiambo Odok alias Rose Omamo, who has been on the run since May last year was arrested today at Ololua Dam Estate’ The statement read.According to DCI, Rose was posing as a relative to a senior government official when she convinced the foreigner that she would sell him gold.

He then paid 300 million for the consignment to get delivered to his country. When the product did not arrive, the businessman realized that he got conned. 

He then reported the issue to the detectives, who issued out an arrest warrant for the suspect. She is currently in custody to awaiting arraignment to answer charges of Conspiracy to Defraud. 

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