'I am the one who knowingly went after her' Jamal Rohosafi Defends Socialite Amber Ray.

Jamal Rohosafi: who is currently with Socialite Amber Ray, has finally addressed the rumors about their relationship.   Last night, he shared a photo of Amber on his Instagram accompanied by a declaration that she is his legal wife. 

In the post, he also debunked the witchcraft allegations saying that he was of sound mind when he pursued and married Amber.He wrote: ‘Allow me to put this matter to rest. I am Amber Ray is my legal wife and that’s the truth. She has not used juju on me as it’s being claimed. I am the one who knowingly went after her, hit on her and later married her’ ‘As a family, we have our disputes, and am sure you have them in yours too. Ours is not perfect in any way. Have a great Saturday’ He concluded. A few days back, Amber revealed to her fans that she is the second wife to Jamal during a Question and Answer session.  Those who did not believe her accused her of casting a spell on him and snatching him from his first wife. However, it looks like Jamal has cleared the air on the issue. What do you think about this situation? Share your thoughts in the comment sections below. Follow the East African Buzz for the latest entertainment and celebrity news in the region.