Impeached Governor Mike Sonko in A Back and Forth with Standard Newspaper.

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi alias Sonko has called out the Standard Newspaper again for an article they published about his past on Wednesday. The story headline read: ‘The tragedy of Sonkonisation of our politicsIn response to this article, Sonko said: 'After the standard newspaper cartels published a headline and four pages’ story yesterday about my past I have just come across another story on their today’s edition. Maybe it will help them improve on their sales’ In the post shared on his Instagram, Sonko listed the projects completed during his reign. He also added some photos to back up his claim.  'However contrary to the propaganda they are spreading sponsored by the cartels and the evil-minded, this is the other side of my past they wouldn’t want the public to know about' He wrote. All this started after the Standard Newspaper published a series of articles about Sonko on Tuesday 13th. After that publication, Sonko asked the Newspaper to refrain from writing about him. It seems like his pleas fell on deaf ears as they published another article about him yesterday, leading to this back and forth. 

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