‘It’s not over yet' YouTuber Maureen Waititu Shares an Encouragement Letter.

As we celebrate the Easter holidays, many celebrities have taken to their social media accounts to relay their holiday greetings to fans, and Maureen Waititu is one of them. In her message, the gorgeous Kenyan YouTuber shared a word of encouragement and motivation with those going through tough times. This is her message: ‘Here’s a little encouragement letter to you who’s going through a rough time. To you who seems to be under constant stormy clouds and brokenness.' ' To you who has lost faith and feels like the world is caving in. To you who feels like it’s the end and can’t stop blaming yourself for everything that’s going wrong’ ‘It’s not over yet. You’re incredible. You make this world a better place. You have so much potential and things left to do. You have time. Better things are on the way. Please hang in there. You can do wonderful things’ She added.  Follow the East African Buzz for daily and consistent updates on the latest entertainment and celebrity news in the region.