‘My mum and Dad got Covid’ Says Nameless as He Celebrates His Father’s Birthday.

Today, the father of singer David Mathenge alias Nameless turned 85 years old.

To celebrate him, the singer penned down a lengthy birthday message on his Instagram. ‘Fam help me wish Mzee a happy birthday, may he continue being strong and happy and blessed! Happy birthday Day’ He wrote.

Nameless revealed that their family has every reason to celebrate because his father has been recovering from two operations since 2020. He also revealed that his parents contracted Covid-19. However, they both recovered recently.‘Today is a special day for the Mathengez clan. My dad turns 85 years. We have every reason to thank God because as you know my dad has been on recovery mode after two major operations last year’ he added.‘To add to that, about a month ago both my mum and Dad got Covid. That was a scary time for the family because both my parents are vulnerable and have underlying conditions. But they both recovered fully last week with my mum having to be admitted for a few days in the hospital' He wrote. Follow this blog for consistent updates on the latest entertainment and celebrity news in the region.