'My own money is sufficient' Socialite Amber Ray Responds to a Fan.

Socialite Amber Ray has been trending ever since she revealed that she is legally married to wealthy businessman Jamal Marlow as a second wife. This evening, Amber Ray had a fitting response for a fan who negatively responded to her post on her Instagram. In the post, Amber shared a photo of herself in a black and white striped shirt and white pants posing next to her Jeep. In a caption, she told people to keep their advice for their great-grandchildren and not her. ‘Najua naeza kua nimpotea kimaisha Lakini advice zako please ekea wajukuu wako mkuu’ She wrote.

A fan responded to the post and told her not to walk out of her current relationship empty-handed. 

‘this time utoke na kitu sio mkono tupu’ The fan wrote.

Amber did not let the comment slide. In her response, she told the fan that the money she has is enough. Follow the East African Buzz; for daily and consistent updates on the latest entertainment and celebrity news in the region.