Photos of Kenyan Reverend Lucy Natasha’s Team Doing Charity Work in South Africa.

Kenyan Reverend Lucy Natasha is the founder of Prophetic Latter Glory Ministries International.  Though the church headquarters are in Nairobi, Lucy's ministry and philanthropic work; benefits several people globally through the Natasha Hands of Compassion Foundation. Last night, Lucy shared how her team in South Africa is supporting needy families in their communities. She posted several photos of her team distributing food and household items to people on her Instagram. In the post, Lucy said that people are called into ministry to share God's love and demonstrate generosity, hence the charity work.‘The Natasha Hands of Compassion Team in South Africa brought joy and happiness to many through food distribution to families going through difficult moments. We are called to share God’s love to all and to demonstrate generosity in our communities.’ She captioned the photos. Follow the East African Buzz; for daily and consistent updates on the latest entertainment and celebrity news in the region.