Socialite Amber Ray Exposes Husband’s Second Baby Mother with Screenshots.

It feels like the scandal surrounding socialite Faith Makau alias Amber Ray and her new husband Jamal Rohosafi never seems to end. Today, the socialite reached out to entertainment blogger Edgar Obare to address the body-shaming allegations made against her on his platform. Amber disclosed that the accusations are by one of her husband’s baby mothers called Catherine. She claimed that Catherine changed the narrative by sending a portion of their conversation using a pseudo account. According to Amber, Catherine disguised herself as Diana Rose and instigated the attack by sending her several insults. Amber even shared the screenshots from their conversations to back up her response. ‘I would like to respond in regard to the screenshot that’s been shared by Catherine using pseudo account perpetrating that I was body shaming her. Below are the screenshots of our conversation and how she first approached me with Insults’ She wrote to Edgar.Here are the screenshots. What do you think about this scandal? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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