FAMOUS BABIES! The Most followed African Babies on Instagram 2021

How many followers do you have on Instagram?

Let me introduce you to five babies who have more followers than all your social media platforms combined. Though most of them are under the age of 10, these children define class. Their fashion and lifestyle screams upper echelon. African royalty just! Some of them are even VERIFIED, levels my friend. LEVELS! Though most of them are too young to understand that level of attention from accounts run by their mothers, they celebrated by people from all corners of the continent.

Anyway! Let’s have a look at five of Africa’s most followed children on Instagram.

1. Princess Latiffa 5years old, Tanzania

Baby Boss!

While some of us can only dream, this little princess is a real heiress! I mean what do you expect? Her mother is the beautiful Zari Hassan (Ugandan socialite and entrepreneur) and her father is East Africa’s Bongostar Diamond Platnumz (Tanzania). Chibu dih Chibu deh.’ She boasts of 2.6 million followers on Instagram making her the most followed child in not only East Africa but the whole continent. Can you imagine this little stunner has more numbers that some bank accounts? Incredible!

2. Kairo Forbes, 5 years, South Africa

Millionaire baby! Down in the south, Kairo Forbes is a sweetheart to the 1 million people who follow her Instagram account. If beauty was a baby, it would be Kairo Forbes! She gets her beauty from her beautiful mother DJ Zinhle; an entrepreneur. Her father is Kiernan Forbes commonly known as AKA; one of South Africa’s Hip Hop stars.

3. Prince Nillan, 3years old, Tanzania

First son! Pomp and fashion runs in the Dangote Platnumz family. Prince Nillan is Princess Latiffa’s young brother. He is Diamond Platnumz first son and Zari Hassan’s forth son and fifth child. He has barely graduated kindergarten but he already has several jobs. While this baby follows only 6 people, he is followed by 1 million people.

4. Sbahle Lisakhanya Mzizi, 3 years old, South Africa

Baby Influencer! How popular is Sbahle on Instagram? Sbahle is a daughter to popular Mzansi celebrities Duma Tando who is an award winning actress and Junior De Rocka a; presenter, DJ and Radio host. This three-year-old princess has a crowd following of 718,000 people on Instagram.

5. Heaven Bahati, 2years old, Kenya

At two years old, what were you doing with your life? Meet Heaven Bahati! She is the daughter to Bahati; a Kenyan musician and his girlfriend Diana Marua. This baby was born like yesterday but look how well known on Instagram. Instagram is a society of its own so this matters a lot. She was even famous before birth no wonder she has 240,000 fans on Instagram. You might be wondering why this makes news. Well Instagram is a community and an e-market. Most followed and popular people usually get paid to promote products so these babies are living the life!