Diamond's Ex-Girlfriend Jokate Mwegelo Launches a New Project For Schools in Her District.

As the District Commissioner of Kisaware, Jokate Mwegelo recently launched a new project in partnership with the Institute of Environmental Conservation Community of Tanzania. The project aims at distributing handwashing materials to twelve schools in the district, which will benefit more than five thousand eight hundred seventeen students in Kisaware. Jokate disclosed that the distribution exercise that has already started is likely to end in February next year. Beneficiaries of this project will also get educated on the importance of environmental protection and conservation.  Jokate announced this on her Instagram with an appreciative message for the other partners of the program. She also added several photos from the event to the post she shared online. How are your local leaders creating change in your community? Please share your views in the comment section below. Remember to follow this blog; for daily and consistent updates on the latest entertainment and celebrity news in the region.