'I am a changed woman. I can even get married' Socialite Huddah Monroe Speaks Out.

Kenyan Socialite Huddah Monroe recently revealed how the pandemic changed her spending habits. Huddah revealed that she saved a lot of money and invested more in stocks. She also disclosed that before the pandemic, she used to travel aimlessly but all that has changed. Huddah shared this on her Insta stories in a post that read; ‘I’ve saved so much money not traveling randomly, my life was basically I doubt my man, I take the next flight to anywhere. I get angry at the government I take the next flight to anywhere to calm down. Expenditure on expenditure. Money out and no money in. This year and last year all money inside stocks. Covid has really transformed me. At this point I can even get married and have kids coz if I can actually settle for this long. I’m a changed woman.Huddah traveled to Dubai before the pandemic, and she having the time of her life in the Arab state. Let us know how the pandemic changed your lifestyle. Please share your thoughts down in the comment section below.Follow this blog for daily updates on the latest entertainment and celebrity news in the region.