‘I can’t stand men who deny their wives’ Says Lillian Muli as She Talks About Relationships.

Citizen TV News Anchor Lillian Muli recently revealed one of her relationship pet peeves to fans during a Question and Answer session. When a fan asked Lillian to state a man's behavior that turns her off, she disclosed that she does not tolerate men who deceive women and lie about their marital status. She added that men with partners should be bold enough to reveal their status. ‘I can’t stand liars and especially men who deny their wives. Just speak your truth and say you are married if you are. Not ati you are dating a guy and then you find out after two years, he has not one but three wives.’ She said. In another post, Lillian Muli also revealed that she is not keen on discussing marriage because she has tried it, and it did not work out.  Remember to follow the East Africa Buzz; to get updates on the latest entertainment and celebrity news in the region.