'I have respect for older people. I don't want curses' Wema Sepetu responds to Zari Hassan.

Tanzanian beauty queen Wema Sepetu has responded to a remark that Zari Hassan made about her online. After a fan told Zari about an interview in which Wema addressed her, Zari revealed that the actress requires free food.   This comment by Zari prompted Wema to respond with a video displaying a variety of food accompanied by a subliminal message for the Ugandan Socialite. In the post, Wema disclosed that she does not argue with her seniors because she respects them. She also added that she does not want to receive curses for such behavior. 

‘Kugombana na watu wazima ni kujitafutia laana. Na mimi nina heshima sana kwa wakubwa zangu. Pia ni mskivu. Nafanyia kazi ushauri' She wrote. What do you think about this online exchange between Diamond’s ex-girlfriend Wema and the mother of children Zari Hassan? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Follow the East Africa Buzz; for daily and consistent updates on the latest entertainment and celebrity news in the region.