Impeached Governor Mike Sonko Ships Donations to Mombasa; Following a Feature Story On Citizen TV.

Though Politician Mike Mbuvi alias Sonko no longer holds a public office, he continues to do charity work in different cities through the Sonko Rescue Team. Last night, the former Governor revealed that he shipped thirty-two thousand sanitary pads and fourteen thousand infant diapers to his office in Kwale for distribution to desperate female students and families in the Kinango area. Sonko made this donation following a devastating feature story that he watched on Citizen TV on Labor Day. He said that he got moved by the mortifying dilemma of female students who use papers and rugs as sanitary towels since they can’t afford new ones.Sonko also revealed that the office of the area MP, Honorable Benjamin Dalu, will help in distributing donations to those in need.   What do you think about Mike Sonko’s charitable work? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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